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Casma is located 369 kms. from Lima on the north coast of Peru in the Department of Ancash. The altitud is 33 meters above sea level. The climate in Casma is warm and dry, most of the year. In Summer (January to March) is very hot. The year temperature goes in between 13º minimum and 31º as maximum.

DEPARTURES: Tailor made.



Day 01.- Leaving from Lima on a Bus to Casma (aprox.7 hours). Arrival, checking into the Hotel.

Day 02.- After breakfast, you will head to Sechin, to see the "Max Uhle" Museum, that has exhibition rooms with part of the archaeological materials that were found in the digging of Sechin and the Archaeological Complex with its Mural Art of sculptures on stone. The under relief motifs represent the human drama of the war. The visit will take aprox. 2 hrs.
At mid-day, the visit will continue with a hike to Chanquillo, the oldest solar observatory in America, which is located in the top part of a hill, with three ovoid walls with strategic entrances that lead to well elaborated passages were the ceilings are made of thick Algarrobo wood. Across on the east side, its located a hill that has on its top, 13 towers, that according to the archaeologist Ivan Ghezzi, the movement of the Sun during the whole year coincides with one of the 13 towers, been able to define the solstices and equinoxes. Return to Casma. Overnight.

Day 03.- From here on, you can go back to Lima or continue to Huaraz or Chimbote to head towards Trujillo (this is on your own).

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 Type of Service

 01 Person

 02 or more Persons

 Rate per Person

 Hostel 3*** Stars

 $ 550.00

 $ 370.00